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I would be so amazingly appreciative of ANYBODY who can help me with my screen capping problem.

I use:

Windows Media Player
Paint Shop Pro 8

Every time I try to take a screen cap [using the Print Screen button on my keyboard] and paste it into PSP, the entire movie continues to play WITHIN the program. I have tried pausing the film and taking the screen cap, and the image turns into a gigantic mess... I'm unable to control what part of the image I want to crop, and its just really complicated. I've been alllll over the memories, I swear. I've tried just using the "C" button in PowerDVD, using ctrl + Print Screen, and taking a screen cap OF the screen cap. None of these work. I have no idea how to find my camera button in PowerDVD, and I'm not even sure if that would work either. Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Well, I have the DELL version of PowerDVD, meaning no camera button for me!
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