Yutte Hermsgervørdenbrøtbørda (abcdefghijkimmi) wrote in icon_tutorial,
Yutte Hermsgervørdenbrøtbørda

Tutorial #13: Roy Mustang (FMA)

From this to using PSP8.

♥ Translatable
♥ Gradients and color fills
♥ Not rocket science, but slightly above beginners.
♥ Please don't copy it exactly. I'll have to send Chuck Norris after you if you do.

1. Look, it's a base. And it's cropped and sharpened. Whoda thunkit.

2. Duplicate your base, desaturate it, invert it, then set it to Soft Light, 35%. Merge your layers.

3. Using the Freehand Selection (Lasso) tool, select the BACKGROUND of your base. Go to Adjust >> Softness >> Soften, or use the Soften tool over the entire selection.

4. New layer. Fill it with #000040 and set it to Exclusion, 100%.

5. Another new layer. Fill with #6787B4, set to Soft Light, 100%.

6. Paste this gradient as a new layer. Set it to Hue, 100%.

7. Paste this texture as a new layer. Set it to Soft Light, 35%, then use the eraser tool to erase whatever covers your subject.

8. Make a new layer and fill it with black (#000000). Set it to Color (Legacy), 45%, again erasing over your subject.

9. Stamp the brush as a new layer in #052B2D. Set it to Overlay, 45%.

10. Finally, add your text. Mine is Arial Black, size 8, all caps, color #BCD3D4, set to Soft Light, 100%.

Questions, comments, results welcome as always. Icon is free to take with credit.

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