Bridget (bchsbunny2005) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Using Preset Shapes as Masks

This was a requested tutorial.  Someone wanted to know the easy way to make circles and stuff in them like I did in a Darcy and Elizabeth Pride and Prejudice Set.

Using different pictures obviously, I made a tutorial for it.  It's very simple and the tutorial is for Paint Shop Pro (any version).  I don't know if it will translate to Photoshop or not but oh well.

[x]  to  [x]

This is a very simple tutorial

Using Preset Shapes as Masks

>First have your blend, Signature, picture, or whatnot that you want the circled shape with the picture (or whatever shape) on  [x]

>Duplicate your blend as a new image.

>Make sure you have your colors set on your color palette. Both Colors must be white.  [x]

>Open Preset Shapes. (The Preset Shapes is on the Tool Palette, and it's button is a blue rectange/square and a red circle)  [x] 

>On the copy of your blend make the shape where you want it. If it isn't exact how you want it then you can move it or re-draw it. (Make sure that you don't have retain style clicked, you have create as a vector layer clicked, make sure you have it on antialias, and you probably want a thicker line width such as 5 pixels)  [x]  [x]

>Add a new layer and place it below the circle/vector layer. Then use flood fill in black on it.  [x]

>Merge Layers.

>Open up again ( if it's not still open already) the original blend that you want the circle mask on.

>For PSP7 Choose on your menu called Masks > New > From Image.
Source Window: (Mine is 6, yours is whatever your circle mask is in)
Create Mask from: Source Luminance
Invert Mask Data

>For PSP8/9 Choose on your menu called Layers > New Mask Layer > From Image.
Source Windown: (Mine is 6, yours in whatever your circle mask is in)
Create Mask from: Source Luminance
Invert Mask Data

>Here's how it should look so far.  [x]

>Add a new Layer (raster) and then Layers > Merge > Merge Visible

>Now you should open (if you haven't opened it already, I haven't. hehe) The picture you want inside of the circle mask.  [x]

>Paste it as a New Layer (raster), Move it under the merged layer then position it to where you want it.  [x]

>Then Merge Layers. And your done unless you want to add effects or text.  [x]

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