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Natalie Portman Tut

So, today we are going to make this:

Its a very simple tutorial but has a big effect on the avy.

What You Need:
-I used GIMP 2.2.13, but this can easily be done in any other program.
-Knowledge of masks, but I'll have a step by step on how to create a mask layer
-Brushes from : unmasked_icons
-Textures from : 77words and colorfilter

I started out with this picture of Natalie Portman.

I duplicated it, and set that layer to Soft Light at 32.7 opactiy.  Now it looks like this:

Next, I chose this texture from 77words :

To get a mask layer on this layer, I right clicked on the layer and pushed add mask layer.  A new box appears that has several different options for the mask layer.  I chose White ( full opacity).

On the mask layer ( located right next to the texture layer I added it onto) I used this brush from unmasked_icons 

You need to make sure that when you do this you are using the paintbrush tool.  Also,  your foreground color should be black (#000000) and the background color is white (#FFFFFF).

I simply went over the parts where her face and body were until I was satisfied with the result.

It should look like this now:

Next, I took this texture from colorfilter and set it to Overlay at 73.1 Opacity.

It should look like this now:

Now its time to add text.  I chose the font Gill Sans MT Condensed at size 14.5 pt. (color = #FFFFFF)
For the tiny text, I used the text tool (Arial; 2px; Antialiasing; #FFFFFF)
GIMP USERS: The best way I find to do text, is to use the Free Type option.  GIMP tends to save things from Free Type at a higher quality than just using the text tool. However, tiny text can be created by using the text tool.  

It shoud look like this now:

Options For Free Type

The last thing I did was create a new layer and fill it with #ffe9ae.  I set this layer to Burn at 17.3 Opacity.  

The final product:

If you got a little confused along the way, this is my layers guide.  

An easy, yet effective way to make an icon.  This one is great for people just starting out with icons.  It should get your feet wet with everything that is possible.
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