Chris Carter (aquamarcia) wrote in icon_tutorial,
Chris Carter

A Friendly Reminder

Over the last 12 hours or so, many tutorials have been posted where the author of the post failed to indicate what software is used. I've commented on each message and folks have been good about editing their posts to add that information. But since these omissions have been happening at an unusually high frequency today, it seems time for a reminder.

If you write a tutorial, please indicate in your post what software is used in your tutorial. This applies to any kind of tutorial post, whether the body of the tutorial is included here or the tutorial is elsewhere and linked to here. If your tutorial is posted here in its entirety, please include the software information before the cut. This will aid people in determining whether or not they want to follow up on your tutorial.

And since it never hurts to reiterate, please indicate what software you use when you ask a question as well. This helps commenters tailor their answers.

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