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PS7 Tutorial 17: Lucas AHH!

Go from to
curves are used

Step One:
Grab your image and position it on your 100x100 canvas. Don't crop it yet, in case you want to change the position.

Step Two:
Duplicate you base once and set it to SCREEN @ 50%

Duplicate it again, set it to SOFT LIGHT @ 100%

Step Three:
Add a new color layer (Layer - Fill Layer - Solid Color) - #6DCFF6 - Set this to COLOR BURN @ 41%

Another color layer - #FFFF00 @ DARKEN - 9%

New color layer - #FF97B4 - COLOR BURN @ 50%

Color Layer - #E1B7A0- SOFT LIGHT

Last Color Layer - #D6DBE2 - COLOR BURN

Step Four:
Now the curves come. I'm not a huge fan of curves, I'd rather use variations any day, so these curves are shamelessly taken and used courtesy of x__leah__x @ shotglass_icons.

Add in your first curves (Layer - New Adjustment Layer - Curves):

RGB: 4 points
In - 0; Out - 2
In - 55; Out - 76
In - 202; Out - 210
In - 255; Out - 253

Leave this on Normal

Add in your Second Curves Layer:

Red:  2 points
In - 200; Out - 193
In - 52; Out - 98

Set this one on SOFT LIGHT

Step Five:

Copy Merge everything! Edit - Copy Merged. Edit - Paste. This path is easier than just merging everything.

Step Six:
With your circular marquee tool, pick out a part of the icon that you want and copy it. Right Click - Layer via Copy. Pull this layer below the merged layer for now. We'll come back to it.

Step Seven:
Duplicate the merged icon again and desaturate it - set this to COLOR

Step Eight:
Pull that circle layer back up to the top. At the bottom of your layer palette, you'll find a tiny little "f". Click on it and the function menu will come up. Click on Drop Shadow. Here are your settings:

Blend Mode - Normal
Opacity - 100%
Angle - (negative)164
Distance - 5
Spread - 0
Size - 0

Say OK and you should end up with something like this:

Step Nine:
Add text! I wanted to match Lucas' expression here so I added the word "AHH!" to the icon in Cooper Black.

And we're done!

Any questions, please ask.
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