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PS7. Subtle lighting.

From this to this. Under cut.

1) First, take this cap from teh_indy's Harry Potter: POA gallery. :)

2) Take and duplicate it and set it to screen twice. And Sharpen. (Optional: I also blurred some of Harry's face because it looked a little too sharp)

3) Then, on top of the second screen layer, set the picture to soft light.

4) Another layer: Take this color: #000C2C and set it to exclusion. Set opacity to 20%.

5) Another layer: Take this color: #F02D0A and set it to lighten. Set opacity to 10%.

6) Go To: Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Hue/Saturation: Set Saturation(Master) to +20, then Saturation(REDS) to +10.

7) Go To: Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Brightness/Contrast: Set Brightness to +4, then Contrast to +7.
- - -

If you want to see my layers, just click this link.

Then you're done. :) I know someone can make that shorter and less annoying, but I tend to just fiddle and go the long route. xD

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