Jez (icon_make_icons) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Italy Coloring Tutorial

Go from to in Photoshop Elements 3.0

Step 1: Get your base ready (find an image and set it to 100x100)

Step 2: Duplicate the layer and sharpen it. Then set it to Soft Light 100%

Step 3: Create a new layer and fill it with #OAA6EF (or any other color you'd like to try, blue just works best for my base), set it to Hue 100%

Now, you can stop here if you want, but continue on for the border
Step 4: Now, I couldn't decide just how big I wanted my border to be, so I went about it this way...go to Select > Select All, then Edit > Copy Merged, then Edit > Paste

Step 5: Turn off the visibility of the top layer for the moment (you can do this by clicking the little eye next to it). Alright, now create a new layer put it below the invisible one, and fill it with #94DBDC (or whatever color you want as the border)

Step 6: Turn the top layer back on, and resize it as you see fit to get the border size you want. I do it this way because it's easier to experiment with how different border sizes will look.

Ta da! Your finished product.

Let me know how you liked the tutorial, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
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