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PS7 Tutorial #1

My very first tutorial! Weee!

Going from to
in PS7

(Selective colors involved, so non-translatable - boo!)

1.First, start with your base (crop and sharpen how you want it)

2.Duplicate the base and set to screen.

3.New layer, flood fill with #E2F9FF, set it to color burn: 100%

4.New layer, flood fill with #B4E2ED, set it to multiply: 35%

5. New adjustment layer ->Hue/Saturation -> Saturation +50

6. New adjustment layer ->Color Balance -> Levels: +10 - 0 - +18

7. New adjustment layer ->Selective Coloring:
-Reds: 0 0 +40 0
-Neutrals: +35 +15 0 0
-Blacks: 0 0 0 +100

8. New adjusment layer ->Hue/Saturation -> Saturation +20

9. New layer, fill flood with #00103C, set to exlusion 100%

10. Duplicate base, drag to top and set to soft light 100%

You're done!

Here are some others icons I've done with this coloring:

I'd love to see what people come up with :)
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