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Grunge Tutorial

Hello! this is my first Tut, i'm not a big texture maker, actually this is like the first texture ive EVER made but i really like it so i though i'd share it for you all. I made this using PSP9 and I'm guessing that it would be translatable.

Make something like this:
Free Image Hosting at pretty, eh? 

Im going to do this roughly so you can make your own origional texture, so don't copy exactly, EXPERIMENTING is the key! *thumbs up*

Creat a new image, i choose 500x500 pixels for mine, but yours can be any size you want. 

So choose some photos/pictures of images with lots of small detail (like objects such as pipes, wires, computer components, construction, etc)
I choose 2 photos (you can pick more) a photo i took of sticks and twigs in the garden. I also choose a picture of big leaves that i also took paste them onto your background and i blended them both together. It dosen't have to be neatly blended or cut out.
this is what i did: 
Free Image Hosting at 

Now, grab your dodge tool and make a few sections lighter, but not too much...
here is mine so far:
Free Image Hosting at

Then i chose a few of my favourite swirly patterned brushes and old looking text brushes (by xxkitty_katexx) and set them to dodge in white . It looks so pretty! hehe! (the swirly bruse i used was by yumei_k) 
So far:
Free Image Hosting at

Now, on the same layer use the old looking text brushes in black and set it to burn and add it aound in random spots of your picture..or whatever you want.
Like this:
Free Image Hosting at Pretty, isn't it?! You can leave it or continue...
You're almost done with this background tutorial

Last step! I'm going to make the pic all one colour.
Make a new Raster layer and select the flood fill tool and fill the layer with any color you want. Now change the blending mode of that layer to "color" in the layer palette. Experiment to see which color you like. Even if you choose black or white as your colour it looks awsome!

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! Your new grungy looking texture!
Have fun with it guys and experiment with everything. 

I would really love to hear what you think about my tut.

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