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Nicole userinfo banner tutorial.

I tried to re-create this banner, and I got this.
Using PSCS2, selective coloring- not translatble.

Requested by: omgitsasherly

From This: to this:

1. Duplicate your base and put a little bit of Gaussian Blur to it (I put the settings at: 0,3). Put that layer to Screen @ 20%.
2. Make a new layer and fill it with #f2e4d0, set the layer to Soft light.
3. Make a Hue/Saturation layer, leave it on Master: +30
4. Make a selective coloring layer put the settings like this:
Reds; -100, 0, +100, +100
Yellows; -23, 0, -20, 0
Magentas; -100, -100, -100, 0
Neutrals; +67, -19, -80, +13.
Click OK, put the opacity to 50 %.
5. Make a new Color Balance layer, make sure you have the "keep luminence" box checked & have the settings like this:
Midtones; -22, -20, -18
Shadows; 27, 12, 24.
6. Now, because the image looked a little too bright, make a new curves layer.
RGB: I: 152 O: 135.
Duplicate the layer and set the opacity to 50%.

Close enough I hope :)

like the banner you're seeing? join lecoutured to see my other graphics ;]
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