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Using PSP and Animation Shop

This is my first tutorial so please be polite. I am using PSP8 but this tutorial can be done in any PSP version. If you are using PSP7 some options might be different.

Ok so lets start.
First take your image or base. I used this image.

1. I am not resizing my image now as it would be easier to change the eye color if the image is larger I will do it later so first I open my image in PSP. MAKE SURE YOUR IMAGE IS 96x96 as later we will add glitter border.

2. Using the FREEHAND SELECTION tool I will select the her eyes like the one below. You can use EDGE SEEKER or FREEHAND or SMART EDGE or any other type to select her eyes I used the edge seeker. When you select the second eye make sure you are hold SHIFT as shift makes you select more than one thing at a time.

3. Than go to ADJUST>> HUE AND SATURATION >> COLORIZE and make your settings like mines or you can just play with the color and choose the color you like.

4. Than deselect her eyes by going ot SELECTIONS>> SELECT NONE or just by clicking CTRL+D
Now your image should look like this:

5. Now to make her face look soft Duplicate the Base. Than go to ADJUST>> BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST>> BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST 
Make the Brightness: +130 and Contrast: 0 and hit OK.
Than again go to ADJUST >> BLUR>> GAUSSIAN BLUR and make the radius 4..00 and click OK.
Make sure your on the DUPLICATED LAYER and than go to LAYERS>> Properties and make the Blend Mode SOFT LIGHT.

6. Duplicate the base again and go to ADJUST>> HUE AND SATURATION >> HUE/SATURATION/LIGHTNESS
I chose this colors you can choose any color or setting you like

Merge all the layers.

7. Add a New Raster Layer and set it to BURN opticity 30 and flood fill it will #00ACF4

8. Than add 2px border to your image and select the border using MAGIC WAND.

9. Than go to ADJUST>> ADD/REMOVE NOISE >> ADD NOISE make your settings like mine.

Hit OK.

10. Than deselect the border and copy the image (don't close the image) and open it as a new image in the Animation Shop. Go back to your image in in PSP and undo twice. Make sure the border is still selected than again go to ADJUST>> ADD/REMOVE NOISE >> ADD NOISE  and change the NOISE to 90% from 80%. Deselect the border and copy thei mage and paste it after the first image in Animation Shop. Go back last image in PSP the one where you added the Noise and again undo twice and go to Add Noise and make the Noise 100%. Deselect the border copy the image and paste it after the second image in the Animation shop.

11. Next we will add text so write your text and paste it as new image in PSP and add noise three times like we added noise in the border and paste the three frames in Animation shop. Next select all the three text frames by clicking CRTL+A and copy it by CTRL+C and than go to the icon where you added noise to the boder there are three frames to that too in Animation Shop select all the frames and click CTRL+E and paste the text where oyu want.

12. Copy the first frame (the one with glitter border in Animation Shop) and paste it as a new image in PSP and add a New layer blend mode normal and put some hearts or anything that you like randomly. Add noise so the first frame should have 80% than copy that layer and paste it in the Animation Shop. Now copy the second frame of the icon and paste it in PSP, add a new layer and add some hearts and make sure you don't put them on the place where you kept the hearts on the first frame cause if you put them on the same place it won't look as if they are moving, add some noise again 90% . Than copy that layer and paste it after the first frame (the heart frame that you copied last time) in Animation Shop. Do the same thing with the third icon frame and make the moise 100% paste the third layer after the second.

13. Copy all the three frames (the heart one) togather by clicking CTRL+A and paste it like you paste the text on the three icon frames so make sure all the three icon frames are selected. Look at hte final Animation if you want to change the speed of the moving heart select all the frames and than click ALT+ENTER or go to Animation>> Frame Properties and change the DISPLAY TIME I chose 20.

So your final image should look somethig like this:

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Hope this tutorial helps! i would love ot see what you created using this tutorial! :)
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