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Step One:
Crop your 100x100 Image, for this tutorial i'll be using this picture of Die from Dir En Grey

Step Two:
Duplicate you base layer, desaturate the new layer and set it to screen.
You should end up with something like this

Step Three:
Duplicate the screened layer, set it to hardlight, 38% Opacity
You should get something like this

Step Four:
Time for textures, take this texture and paste it in a new layer, set that layer to screen

Your image should now look something like this

Step Five:
Now paste this second texture into a new layer, set it to screen, then drag it to wherever you think it looks good (i put it in the lower right hand corner)

And your icon is done!

Your icon should now look like this:

Feel free to add text, brushes, whatever. Hope you enjoyed it!

My second official tutorial.
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