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Easy Random Icon Tutorial

Icon Tutorial

make this!

Resources You'll Need You Should Have:
Sanami276's Creamy Splatter Bases

Sanami276's Textured polaroids brushes

I think those two sets just go perfectly together, no matter what. Anyways, onwards.

I opened up this base and flipped it vertically.

New layer! In black, use this brush.

Then I took this picture of Josh Holloway, and picked out a rectangle of what I wanted. I cropped it down, sharpened it twice, then resized it to 57x61. I pasted it into the black rectangle on the base on a new layer over the brush.

Duplicate the Josh picture, and set it to soft light.

Desaturate the layer below it. Image>Adjustments>Desaturate. This gives it the washed out look that seems to go with the icon coloring, but maybe that's just my tendency for muted coloring showing.

Add text if you want, I did in violation font in black set at soft light.

And that's it, you're done!
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