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Need help with Photoshop CS

Hi @ all!

I'm very new in making Icons and I also didn't make very much with Photoshop CS, what means, I am very new with this programm, so I may need a little help, I think. Maybe there is one or the other, who could help me...

At first, I am interessted in knowing, how you can get a picture "shining" like this ones:

Which filters do i have to use, to get the Icon "shine" like this? On both of them, it looks like it was a "high polish photo" and I want to know, which filtre I have to use, or what do I have to do, to get a normal picture to this result?

If anybody could help me, I would be glad, to get to know, how I get better so that I can create better Icons on my own...

For now thanks a lot, I will be glad for every help :-)

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