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Alot of people are asking how I make my text for text icons and when I tried to post a tutorial for text specifically, it didn't come out the right way. So, to make it easier, I'm giving you all a banner tutorial that explains my text technique! I'm fabulous, right? ;)

We're making the above banner in Adobe Photoshop CS. I have no clue how to do it in anything else, but if I figure it out, you'll be the first to know.

Step 1:
• Find yourself a texture, save it to your computer and open it in PS.
• If it's large and you'd like it to be smaller, go to Image > Canvas Size and change the dimensions. MAKE SURE the drop down menus say PIXELS and not INCHES before doing this.
• If you are too lazy, you may use the texture I found, cropped and sharpened to my liking. I'm unsure of who made this, but I guarentee you'll find their username on my resources list somewhere.

Step 2:
• I'm going to start with the pixel text first. I am using 04b size 8 PT, if you're wondering. You can find it by searching for "04b" on
• Obviously, choose the text option, click on your image, type what you want the text to say and then move it where you want it.
• Right click on the layer you have, which can be found in your Layer Pallette. and go to Blending Options.

• If you can't find the Layer Pallette, simply go to Layers > Layer Styles > Blending Options from there.

Step 3:
• Check the box next to Stroke and then click on the word Stroke. The main window (of the pop-up) will change, so you can change the color and width of the stroke. Change it to whatever you'd like.
• Do not close the Blending Options window. Go to Bevel and Imboss, change the style drop down menu to Outer Bevel and change the shadow mode color to something similar to your main color - or you can leave it black, I think that looks ugly. You can also change the size, but I think 5 is fine. Click OK.
• Set your layer properties to Screen.

Step 4:
• This step is the last two steps (the adding pixel font steps), only you're using a larger text. All you have to do is follow the last two steps, but use a different, larger font. This is what I have come up with.

Of course, I decided that I wanted to add a little spice to it, so I added little symbols which are basically symbol fonts and all of the previous text effects added. It's really simple. This is what I have as an end result:

Then, I re-colored it, and you can do that by going to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and clicking the "Colorize" check box, then have at it.

Questions? Ask away. Join my community, Lascivi0usly for exclusive posts.
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