rachel (crunknwj) wrote in icon_tutorial,

long time lurker, first time member. first i wanted to say how much this place rules. my icons have gotten like 25620958 times better because i found this place.

but now, i have a problem.

i use psp7 & 8 because i find them more user friendly, but lately i've been trying to learn photoshop through the tutorials here. also because the text on photoshop looks ten times better then the text on psp.

well everything was working fine until a few days ago. i tried to open photoshop and it gets as far into loading as "retriving fonts" or something like that, then it comes up with an error. i can't remember the exact message, but it says that it could be a system error and that it's unreversalble. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling it many, many times over the past like 4 days, but it's still not budging.

anyone have any ideas of how to fix this? i'm using ps7.

eta : i tried deleting my fonts and that didn't work. i finally gave up and downloaded the free version of CS, but if anyone can figure out what is wrong with ps7, i'd be forever greatful.

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