Ella (happachiru) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Yay! This is my first tutorial.  Hope you like it.  It is a lighting tutorial for a picture of the lovely Kristen Bell, star of 'Veronica Mars'

Check it out. :)



Lighting Tutorial for Photoshop CS2


1.       Duplicate the layer and set it to overlay – 100%

2.       Merge the two layers (Ctrl - E)

3.       Go to Filter/Sharpen/Sharpen

4.       Go to Image/Adjustments and using curves, set the input to 165, and output to 182

5.       Freehand draw around her face, then right click and click ‘select inverse’, then Filter/Sharpen.

6.       Then select the sharpen tool and use the solid size 19 brush, and brush over her face once with the strength set at 12%.

7.       Then go to Image/Adjustments/Match Colour, and set the luminance to 110

8.       Select the blur tool and using the solid size 19, brush over her skin, avoiding the edges, with the strength set at 50%.  Use the size 3 brush if you want to airbrush her face.


Now you’re done.  The lovely Kristen Bell never looked better.

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