Ella (happachiru) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Here's my second tutorial for Photoshop CS2, an icon of the gorgeous Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodrigez) from LOST.  Man, these take a while to make. Hope you like it. :)

Icon Tutorial Using Photoshop CS2


Go to Filter/Sharpen/Sharpen

Go to Image/Adjustments/Curves and set the input to 133 and the output to 172

Duplicate the layer, and set it to Multiply – 100%

Merge the two layers (Ctrl E)

Go back to Image/Adjustments/Curves and set the input to 147 and the output to 183

Zoom in to about 600x 

Select the blur tool and set the strength to 30%

Choose the appropriate sized brush for the different parts of the face – cheeks & forehead: 9 or 13, nose and eyes: 3 or 5

Brush once over the inside of the skin, avoiding edges/outline of the face. Brush over until skin goes smooth

Zoom out again. Beautiful. 

Using the lasso tool, select the background of the picture

Go to image/Adjustments/Curves again, and set the input to 120 and the output to 177

Add this brush and move it behind the picture 

Using the lasso tool, trace around her face and neck 

Now move the brush back in front of the picture, and delete the selected part of the brush

Set the layer to Luminosity – 100% 

Add this brush over the top of the last brush, and set it to Darken – 100% 

Erase the part of the brush around her face, but not around her neck
Merge these three layers

Add this brush to the avatar over the top of the picture, and set it to Linear Burn – 100%

Select the eraser tool, and begin to erase the part of the picture on the outside of the brush, but do not erase all of it, just what’s on the outer of the brush, and a small bit in it, so that there’s still shadow if the border. Don’t worry if it is a bit uneven, that’s the whole point. 

Now it’s time to add the text. You can say whatever you want, but I’ve just gone with the simple ‘Ana Lucia’. Using the font ‘Violation’ (if you don’t have it you can get it for free at www.dafont.com) at size 14 

Now invert this tiny text and add it to the avatar 

Place it underneath the text and set it to Screen – 100%. Now back to the curves. Set it to input 100 and output 200 to make the tiny text easier to see

Now you’re done. Hopefully the outcome looks something like it should. Big difference hey? :)

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