Ella (happachiru) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Here's another icon tutorial made for Photoshop CS2, this one of Pink. It includes easy to follow colouring instructions.
Have fun :)

Before:                             After:


Go to Filter/Sharpen/Sharpen


Duplicate the layer and set it to Colour Burn – 100%


Merge the two layers (Ctrl E)


Go to Image/Adjustments/Curves and set the input to 95, and the output to 150




Zoom in to about 600x


Select the blur tool and set the strength to 30%


Choose the appropriate sized brush for the different parts of the face – cheeks & forehead: 9 or 13, nose and eyes: 3 or 5


Brush once over the inside of the skin, avoiding edges/outline of the face.  Brush over until skin goes smooth


Zoom out again. Beautiful.




Go to Image/Adjustments/Match Colour and change the luminance to 120 and the colour intensity to 85


Go to Image/Adjustments/Colour Balance and make them:  -30  0  +70


Now create a new layer by going to Layer/New/Layer, and fill it with the colour # 4d2584

Set the layer to Screen – 65%


Now select the picture of Pink, and delete the white on the side of her face.  The base colour it will delete to should be white, so it will appear as if nothing has changed


Copy this butterfly into the picture, underneath the purple layer


Set it to Darken – 100%, then resize and rotate the butterfly to fit into the bigger space of white and sharpen it


Duplicate this layer, resize it again and rotate it into the correct position and sharpen it again


And there you go.  A gorgeous picture of the fabulous Pink. :)  Too easy


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