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MKA header tutorial

Going to re-create this userinfo banner:
using PSCS2, curves & color layers. PSP friendly I guess :)
Requested by audiokill

I went from this to this:

1. Duplicate your base, put it to screen @ 30%.
2. Make a new curves layer, put the settings like so:
RGB: 120,132
RED: 118,129
GREEN: 1st point: 90,94
2nd point: 144,142
BLUE: 1st point: 140,147
2nd point: 110,122
3. New colorfill layer: #000221-> exclusion 100%.
4. New colorfill later: #a7caff-> colorburn 100%
duplicate that layer, put the opacity to 20%.
5. New colorfill layer: #ffc1ee-> soft light 80%.
6. New colorfill layer: #fff8b9-> colorburn 100%.
7. New colorfill layer: #e6ca9a-> colorburn 30%.
8. New curves layer: RGB: 1st point: 106,97
2nd point: 171, 178.
RED: 139,131.
GREEN: 1st point: 86,97.
2nd point: 160, 154.
BLUE: 1st point: 95,101.
2nd point: 162,151.
Put the opacity to 80%.
9. New curves layer: RGB: 102,94.
RED: 126,108.
GREEN: 1st point: 109,114.
2nd point: 161,162.
BLUE: 1st point: 165, 135.
2nd point: 87,94.
Put the opacity to 20%.
10. I merged and did a frame (Edit-> Stroke-> White (#FFFFFF), do it again though with a grey color (whatever color you may like), though only 1 px this time.
11. I copied their faces using the marquee tool (up to the left, in PSCS2), made a new document with the picture then resized it to 40x(something that fitted the image so it wouldn't look weird).
12. (on the little picture) I duplicated the image, then desaturated it (made it black & white).
13. I copied that picture, and put it to the big banner picture, then added a brush :)
that's it! :)

Hopefully, it turned out close enough to the banner I made :)

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