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Veronica Mars tutorial

So this is my first tutorial. I kinda liked this effect and I wanted to give back to this community so I thought I'd give it a go. Okay, we'll be going from this to this. I use Photoshop 7, but I'm sure
its translatable. I hope somebody finds this useful.

This won't work for every icon, obviously. If you have a somewhat bright (outside works well) base with some reds and yellows in it, it should work pretty well.

Step 1. Crop/resize/sharpen if you like. Here's my base.

Step 2. Duplicate the background layer and set to screen. Merge.

Step 3. Set this color #340147 to exclusion 100%

Step 4. Set this color #e2ddf7 to color burn 39%

Step 5. Duplicate your base/screen merged layer and bring it to the top. Set it to soft light.
This is what you have

Step 6. Set this color #89ebfa to saturation 32%

Step 7. Set this color #f6ede3 to Mulitply 100%

Step 8. Go to Layer>new adjustment layer>color balance. These are my settings:



Step 9: Set this color #020435 to Exclusion at 76%

Step 10: Duplicate Multiply layer from Step 7, bring to the top and change opacity to 59%. This is what you have now:

Step 11: I didn't like how dull it looked so I decided to increase the contrast. Go to Layer>new adjustment layer>brightness/contrast. Increase the contrast to +21.

Step 12: Another color balance layer. These are my settings:

Midtones: and change the opacity to 50%

And that's it. Here's my layer pallette:

Not much to it, but I liked the effect. I'd love to see what you come up with. *cough*watchVeronica Mars!*cough*

Tags: tutorial: colouring
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