Ella (happachiru) wrote in icon_tutorial,

This is a colouring tutorial made for Photoshop CS2 for an avatar of Kristen Bell.

Before:                    After:

Go to Filter/Sharpen/Sharpen

Duplicate the layer and set it to Soft Light – 100%

Merge the layers (Ctrl E)

Go to Image/Adjustments/Curves and set the input to 80 and the output to 125



Zoom in to about 600x 

Select the blur tool and set the strength to 3
Choose the appropriate sized brush for the different parts of the face – cheeks & forehead: 9, nose: 3 or 5.  Avoid the eye area

Brush once over the inside of the skin, avoiding edges/outline of the face.  Brush over until skin goes smooth

Zoom out again


Now select the sharpen tool, and set the strength to 30%

Using a size 9 brush, dot once over the eyes to sharpen them slightly, without sharpening the rest of the picture



Add this brush over the top of the picture, and set it to Screen – 100%


Add this second brush underneath the previous one, and set it to Colour Burn – 100%


Using the eyedropper tool, get the colour of her grey shirt, which should be something like # dbd1cf
Now zoom in and erase the pink of the light texture from the shirt 

Create a new layer underneath the light textures

Select the brush tool and use a size 9 brush

Set the opacity to 50 and the flow to 75

Brush over the T-Shirt once so that the colour is even

Set the layer to Linear Dodge – 100%

Underneath the light textures, create text at size 12, set the colour of the text to #342f2e and use the font ‘Violation’ (if you don’t have it you can get it for free at www.dafont.com).  You can write what you want, but in this case I’ve written ‘inspire’ 


Now add this heart brush (made by your truly), resize it and set it to Multiply – 25%



And hey presto, you’re done!

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