35underground (35underground) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Tutorial #2

How to make this with the GIMP, should taranslate. 
(Please Note that I downloaded a plug-in for the GIMP that allows me to round corners, I do not think that GIMP can round corners with out it.)

Step One. Crop, Sharpen, etc.
Step Two. Duplicate Your Base and set it to Screen 20%
Step Three. Set a layer of #EBDFC6 to Multiply 100%
Step Four. Set a Layer of #F5989D to Overlay 40%
Step Five. Duplicate your base , desaturate it, and set it to Multiply 100%
Setp Six. Set a Layer of #7CC476 to Soft Light 25%
Step Seven. Set a Layer of #D52424 to Burn 12%
Step Eight.  Flatten your image and Change the Overall Saturation to +60
Step Nine. Set a Strip of #7CC476 to Multiply 100%
Step Ten (Optional). Round your corners.

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