Ella (happachiru) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Here's an easy colouring tutorial using Photoshop CS2 for all the Evangeline Lilly fans.

Before:                      After:

Duplicate the layer and set it to Screen – 100%

Duplicate the duplicated layer

Merge the three layers 


Go to Filter/Sharpen/Sharpen 


Zoom in to about 600x

Select the blur tool and set the strength to 30%

Choose the appropriate sized brush for the different parts of the face – cheeks & forehead: 9, eyes & nose: 3 or 5. 

Brush once over the inside of the skin, avoiding edges/outline of the face.  Brush over until skin goes smooth

Zoom out again


Go to Image/Adjustments/Match Colour and set the luminance to 145 and the colour intensity to 110


Select the sharpen tool and, using brush size 5, run along her teeth once.  This brightens them without making them ‘sparkly’


Duplicate the layer and set it to Soft Light – 100%

Duplicate the layers
Go to Image/Adjustments/Curves and set the input 105 to and the output to 150


Go to Image/Adjustments/Colour Balance and set the red filter to –25


Add this brush, and set it to Darken – 100%

Move it into place and resize it


Add text and write ‘smile’ but put spacing between each letter so it come out as ‘s m i l e ‘

Using font size 10 and the font ‘I Hate Comic Sans’ (which I do) and if you don’t have it you can download it for free at dafont.com


Create a new layer

Set the palette colour to white

 Using the brush tool, select the number 27 speckled brush, and set the opacity to 100% and the flow to 30%

Quickly flash a line across the middle of the layer (it doesn’t matter if it’s uneven, it’s supposed to be)


Move it behind the text and heart brush, and make it thinner by resizing if it is necessary



And you’re done.


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