sporty spice (remus) wrote in icon_tutorial,
sporty spice

How to acheive a rounded edge look like this:

I use PSCS2. Not translatable, sorry!!
Not image heavy!

So, araceli_maura wanted to know how to make these rounded edges like this: by sullypants so i decided to write a tut. ^^
Not sure if this is the only way to do it, but it's the only way i know how to. XD

1. Open up a new canvas, select the paint bucket tool and fill your canvas with black.
2. Select the Rounded Rectangle tool and make a rounded rectangle on the canvas. Make sure the colour of the rectangle is white. [x]
3. Go to Edit > Free Transform (or just Ctrl + T). [x]
4. Right click on your canvas and you should see a drop down list [x]. Select Warp [x].
5. Drag the grey dots out as much as you want, and then press enter. [x]
6. If the edges are a bit rough, go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur > click ok for rasterize > and set the radius to about 0.5 pixels.

Your result should look something like this:

I hope the tut was easy enough to follow. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. XD

Tags: graphic effects: borders
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