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Tutorial #2 ft. Leila Tong

From this to
Made in PS7.
I'm not sure if this translatable or not.
*Image heavy*

I started with this and cropping to 100x100.

I made a new layer (not necessary but I felt like it). Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool, I selected a section on the right and fill it with white.

Go back to the first layer and select a part of the base. I chose the part with Leila's left eye. Then go to Layer >> New >> Layer via Copy or Ctrl J.  Make this layer above the white layer. Then desaturate it.

Merge all 3 layers.

Add this texture by colorfilter and put it at Soft Light at 100%. (I also flipped it horizontally.)
---> --->

New layer and fill with #FFD7EB and set it at Color Burn 100%.

Take this texture by me and put it at Pin Light at 50%. I used the Smudge Tool to make the texture less visible on the right side.

Take this gradient (don't know who it's by) and put it on Soft Light at 71%.

Take this light texture by me and put it on Screen at 100%

Take this texture by unmasked_icons and put it on Multiply at 17%

Take this texture by lil_brokenangel and put it on Soft Light at 100%.

New layer and fill with #BFA594 and put it on Color Burn at 74%.

New layer and using a round soft 100px brush and color like this with #C4DF9B. Put it on Screen at 100%.
Note: You have to do this step by yourself. Saving this pic and putting it on will not work because the background of this pic is white and it have to be transparent.


Same as above but using #FDC4BD instead of the green. Put this layer on Color Burn at 100%.

Duplicate the base. Drag it to the top of everything else. Desaturate it and put it on Soft Light at 41%.

Wee~~ Done with the coloring!!
And now the text.

I typed "Leila Tong" in black. The font is Ma Sexy. Size was 3pt. I rotated it 90degrees CCW and moved it white bar (or however you call it).  Put this layer right on top of the light texture.

Looks kind of plain so I used this brush by ingenu0us on a new layer in black. Rotate it 90 degrees CCW and moved it to the right of the words. This should be on top of the light texture and under the texture by unmasked_icons too.

Add some border. You don't have to but I like it with border.

Done!! Hope you understand everything.

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