Chantelle (tellemonstar) wrote in icon_tutorial,

An open letter to all icon makers, experienced and newbies alike.

(Mods, delete this if it's not allowed)

Dear fellow iconers...

It has come to my attention, on more than one occasion, as I have browsed through the many fantastic icon tutoirals in the community, that the tutorials seem to be overcome by the many questions we get asked. So, I propose a solution that may well suit everybody's needs.

As a community, we are here to answer questions, and of course ask questions. However, some questions have the tendency to become very repetitive. Such questions are "How do you get ... colouring" or "Why won't my font work?". Now whilst I'm sure none of us mind answering questions, these can get more than just a little annoying, especially when they are in the memories or on previous pages in the comm.

My solution to this it to create a resourec post that answers these sorts of questions, helps give newcomers and 'old-timers' an idea of where certain tutorials/tips/etc may be, and a link to the huge list of tutorial lists that someone provided (and is in the memories.)

I have already created a post such as this, and it is posted in my graphics journal once I have posted this, if anyone is interested in looking at it or suggesting more idea/questions/etc. You can find it here.

Please let me know if you think I am out of line, or something, because I am simply suggesting this as a way to allow the amazing tutorials to shine through, and for those tricky technical questions to have a chance to be answered. Feel free to comment either at this post or at my graphics journal = bellatrixed,

Thank you for reading this,

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