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Brainstorm header tut

From this to this
Written for PSP but easily translatable to PS :)
No curves, not image heavy, it may take long till you have your result but it isn't 
very hard :)

My 2nd tutorial after 1000 years ^^"" 

Ok, first you need a picture. I took this one of Brainstorm. Desaturate your picture if needed, this tut won't work out with color pics ;)
I resized my pic from 448x450 to 403x405, but that's optional. Edit your base till you like it, I didn't edit it but if it's too dark or too light I recommend to change that.
Merge all after all and name it base1.

The preparations are done now, let's go to the real coloring stuff ;)
1. Duplicate your base once and name it base2.
2. Add this gradient I made myself on a new layer and set it to multiply
3. Merge the gradient and base2 layer and name it base3
4. Duplicate base1 and drag it above the base2 layer, set it to screen
5. Duplicate base3 and drag it on top, set to screen
6. Add #135384 on a new layer, exclusion 
7. Add #c0c0c0 on a new layer, burn
8. Duplicate base3 and put it on top, overlay
9. Duplicate base3 and put it on top, softlight
10. Add #F1AC5E on a new layer and put it on top, multiply
Now you got this, you can stop here or continue to get this:
I am not going to tell EVERYTHING I did with this, because I forgot to write everything down but I will guide you to get something similar ;))
11. Resize it till it's little and paste it on your header
12. Duplicate it alot and put it next to eachother in a line
13. Duplicate the layers of step 12
14. Darken
15. Add some text
Et voila! 

If you have got any questions, tell me, I would love to see where you guys came up with, and I would like some comments too :))

xxx Gini

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