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diana (ダイアナ)

How get from this to this

In Paint Shop Pro 9

Kinda image heavy

1. Ok, let start. I'm using my Jpop idol Koda Kumi in her new vid Futari de
Sharpen the base once and click on the soften tool and carefully go over the skin only

2. Now Duplicate your base, Layers > Duplicate and set it to screen 60%. Look! Kuu is bright!

3. Go back to your base and duplicate it and bring all the way on top of the screen layer. Set it to soft light 42%

4. Let add some coloring! Create a new raster layer, Layers > New Raster Layer. and click the flood fill tool (Located in the toolbar) and fill the layer with the color #0e141e and set that layer to exclusion 100%

5. Now get ready for some magic! Grab this texture by tcg1026, mirror it (crtl+M) and set it to screen 100% Wah, the sparkles are covering a bit of kuu's face. Use the soften (or smudge) tool where the sparkles covers something in the face.
> >>

6. Let get another texture! Set it to screen 100% again! Again sparkle in kuu face, smudge or soften the sparkle there.

7. Let's go the bottom where the first layer is (AKA the base), duplicate it, bring it all the way to the top. and desaturate it (Shift+H) and drag the saturation all the way to -100.

b. Ok, after you done that go to Adjust > Automatic Contrast Enhanced ment and use the following setting Dark,Mild, and bold.

c. When your done with that, hold the shift key and the letter B, the brightness and contrast must pop out. (Or go to adjust > Brightness and Contrast> Brightness/Contrast) and use the settings brightness -19, contarst 19.

d.Alright when your done with that set the layer to soft light 100%. Remember all of this thing must be done in the current duplicated base layer! (One you drag all the to the top).
> > >>

OPTIONAL (if the person or clothing is too dark!):
Oh, my kuu's hat is a bit dark. go all the way to the bottom (the base) drag it and earse everything except the corners of the hat and set it to screen 100%

Here's how the order of the layer should be:

If all is correct, Add text and your done!

If hope you guys like the tutorial. I've spent about 30 minutes explaining as clear as I can! I would like to see you result if you found it very useful! Thanks!
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