Etoile (etoilepb) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Mod Post: i_t is a NO DRAMA ZONE, People

Next member to post about a certain community that picks up images from a certain feed gets insta-banned. I've deleted five today and I've had it.

Several points, in order:

1.) Just because icon_tutorial has a whole lot of people in it does not make it the right place to post everything you think of that may relate in some way to the icon community or LiveJournal at large. (This is always true, not just today.)

2.) Earlier today, aquamarcia took the appropriate steps to keep this community's images from showing up in certain kinds of crawler lists.

3.) If you think that images you post in web space are yours and sovreign and untouchable, and that the whole internet is going to behave politely, courteously, and with manners, you have another think coming. You do what you can in a limited community like LiveJournal, and that includes taking appropriate steps to protect the things you want protected, but what once goes out onto the Internet anywhere is ALWAYS out on the Internet somewhere. (Remember that when you post pictures of how drunk you got that day, 'cause someday some employer's coming looking.)

I am a cranky, cranky mod today and not in the mood for 16,000 bits of drama, so please don't make me crankier.

Thank you.
Tags: !mod posts
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