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tutorial 001

first tut! :D hope you guys like it, i was playing around and ended up with something i liked :D

right so anyway, we're going from to using pscs2 :D

001 do the basics with the base- crop, resize, sharpen, whatever. i started with this
002 duplicate the base, blur --> gaussian blur --> 1px. set to screen @ 40% opacity (you can play around with the opacities till you think you like it :D)
003 create a new layer, fill with FF99FE set the layer to soft light @ 100% opacity
004 another new layer, fill with 99FFFE set the layer to color burn @ 100% opacity
005 another new layer, fill with 69EAE8 set the layer to color burn @ 100% opacity

and you're done!
but i did an extra step and made the rounded borders so i have this
i got the rounded border tutorial from pliersandnuts
it's cool :D

other icons made using this tutorial:

this icon is from my icon set here
credits to dinadorama for the screencaps! :D
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