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One Tree Hill Tutorial

Very easily translatable. :) Very easy, also. Made in PS6.

Today, we'll be going from  to .

Cap by whoresque.

001. Take your base - crop it to 100x100.

002. Sharpen it once, duplicate the layer, and set it to Color Dodge 100%.

003. Duplicate that layer and set it to Color Dodge 80%.

004. New Layer >> New Fill Layer >> #6699CC at Darken 70%.

005. New Layer >> New Fill Layer >> #CC6699 at Soft Light 50%.

006. New Layer >> New Fill Layer >> #CC9966 at Darken 80%.


007. For the pink orb thinger - I used #CC006 with a soft round brush, 45 px. Then I set it to Screen at 80%. But you could probably play around with the opacity to whatever you want. :)

008. Now you don't have to put text either, but what I did was I put the text of my choice, and then chose the button at the bottom of this window >>. With that I chose outer glow, and then proceeded to play around with opacities. My default color is like a pastel yellow, so I kept that, and then set it to Screen at 85 percent. [ In the picture above, disregard how I've selected Layer 2 :) ]

009. Then I added a border to the image. Select all (Ctrl+A) and then go to Edit>> Stroke. I set mine to 3 px so that it's visible, but again, you can play around with it. :)

Flatten the image, and tada! You've got you're icon.
I'd like to see some finished products if anyone uses this tutorial. :)
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