Sophie Grace (sophiefaux) wrote in icon_tutorial,
Sophie Grace

Alright, I need some help .. (Using PS CS2)

I've been making icons and I tend to use really bright colors and when I save it (using the 'save for web' option) as a .jpg (16kb) it looks awesome in my PS CS2..but when I go to upload the icon to my usericons it looks alot lighter and washed out =(

Any ideas why? I've checked the archive's and couldn't find anything quite like this.

Could it be some kind of color setting on my PS CS2 thats making it look alot brighter than on the web?
Any help would be much appreciated

I placed an image behind the cut so you can get a better idea of what it looks like both in my PS CS2 and on the web..

Image Hosted by

I know it's not a huge color difference, but it's still bugging me. Especially the blues at the top.

(Thanks, I hope this wasn't too confusing..haha)
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