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Tutorial 07 - Squiggly Lines [PS7+]

So you're looking for squiggly lines for your icon? Here's how you can make them!
As requested by taxidoll

This is for Photoshop 7+

Step 01
First you want to set up your brushes. You'll want to use your Hard Round 1 Pixel brush. You can set the color on whatever you like. I used white for my example.

Step 02

Now it's time to use your base. Make a new layer above everything and select your Freehand Pen Tool.
You can do this by hitting Shift+P on your keyboard. It should give you an icon like this .On your new layer you can draw a couple wiggly and curvy lines which will give you:

Step 03
Now you want to pull up your Paths palette. At the top of the screen, go to Windows > Paths (it's the fifth one from the bottom). Next, at the bottom of the palette, there is a hollow circle. If you hover your mouse over it, you'll see that this is how you can stroke your path with the brush (and why we fixed our brush first!). Click that button once and then click somewhere else on the palette, so the squiggly pen path disappears. Here's the palette:

And now here's our result:

Comments, questions, suggestions? Let me know!
Thank you and enjoy! :D
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