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*kicks Photoshop*

i downloaded a trial for Photoshop CS2 on my computer. the trial ended and I couldnt trick my computer into doing it again. So i am using the other computer in the house to do iconFunNess.
I am having trouble resizing the pictures.  I like to do it the way below because it seems ( to me) to keep the pictures from becoming pixaled.
on my other computer i created a blank icon, had my screen cap open next to it. then I used the arrow tool to drag the screencap onto my blank icon. after doing that I would use the free transform to make it look how i like.

I am attempting to do that same thing on the new computer but its not working so well. when I drag the screen cap onto my 100X100 blank icon, the screencap or picture becomes impossibly small. and i cant work with it because when I make it bigger it becomes disgustingly pixalated.

I have made icons this way before. I know how to make them. *points to shiny Chloe icon*that is why this is frustrating me.

I must not be speaking the same language as my computer today becuase I just cant seem to fix the problem.  If anyone could give me an idea as to what I am doing wrong I would appreciate it.
Thanks in advance!
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