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Patricia Arquette tutorial

Go from  to

-Written for PSP, but is easily translatable to PS.
-Non curves, only color layers & stuff :))

* Screenshot by Medium Fansite
* Just fiddle around with the settings if you don't like it. Remember this is a guide.

This is what I did:
1. Pick a pic. Not every pic works so take something similar like mine (Patricia Arquette in Medium)
2. Crop it to 96x90
3. Follow this tutorial by desperate_oc
4. Duplicate your base and blur it, I used Gaussian Blur at 1.0, set to Normal 48%
5. Duplicate your base and put it on top, Hard Light 100%
6. Add a new layer with #113165, Exclusion at 100%
7. Add a new layer with #c2aa7c, Burn at 38%
8. Add a new layer with #e5b5d8, Soft light at 76%
9.Add a new layer with #b5cee5, Soft light at 72%
10. Duplicate your base and put it on top, soft light

Done! :)) I hope you liked my tutorial, and I would love to see some other results.
I will really appreciate comments, since I had only one on my previous (header) tutorial :(

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