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PS CS2 Technical Question

I'm usually a PSP8 user, but I am attempting to use Photoshop CS2 for the first time, because I want to be able to start using selective coloring and stuff like that, but the crop tool is DRIVING ME NUTS. How do I know how big my cropped section is?

In PSP, I can set my crop size to whatever I want, so I can make sure that it is square and ready to be resized to 100x100.

In PS CS, however, every time I put a number in, it changes it to inches and does absolutely nothing to the image.

Then, if I actually try to crop the image with the tool, I get an entirely new toolbar which is no help whatsoever, and has nothing to do with the numbers I put in on the last toolbar.

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I have no idea what. I've searched the help function and the comm memories to no avail (I know, everyone says that). If I have to, I'll just crop my images in PSP and then save them and re-open them in PS, but that seems like an awful lot of trouble. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

ETA: While I'm here, if you know of any comms or links to basic CS2 usage tutorials, I will love you forever.
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