Mandy or Amanda (ljbeauty) wrote in icon_tutorial,
Mandy or Amanda

Rouge style Hair

Okay so I saw this requested by endeers so I figured Id help them out.

Using Photoshop Curves included

First off I was not able to use the requested picture because the way the hair fell was too much work for such a picture. Therefore I found the base used at great site...

Step 1:
First prepare the base by changing you levels so the picture has a nice brightness. Now select her hair. Turn it B&W by hitting ctrl, shift, and U. For macs thats Apple, shift, U. Her hair is now B&W. Change your Mode to CMYK.

Step 2:
Now make a new curves layer by going in to the Layers menu down to New Adjustment Layer, Curves. Move the lines under Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow to the left until you get what you want. Heres my settings.

Cyan: 51, 64
Magenta: 42, 70
Yellow: 24, 65

Step 3:
Now up the saturation about 40. Now Change the Levels to make it darker.

Step 4:
Now select the area of choice to make it white. Again Turn it B&W. Now select that area again and selecting your base layer duplicated it. Drag to the top and set to screen twice the second at 40%. Now use the levels to brighten and balance. Your done!

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