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Harmony Icon Tutorial

Harmony Icon Tutorial

From This to This

Used PSP7 // Translatable

Don't follow this tutorial exactly, meaning don't use the same pictures.

1. First we take this picture and resize it and make your base. 100x100, and place it wherever you want.
This Picture

2. Then you duplicate the base 3 times, place the first 2 layers closest to the base on screen, and then the last one on desaturate and soft light.

3. Merge

4. Duplicate the base then place it on screen.

5. Merge.

6. Unsharp Mask, Radius :1.00, Strenght, :50, Clipping :0

7. Add a new layer with the color #ff0909 and place it on overlay on 50%

8. Add a new layer with the color #818aff and place it on softlight

9. Duplicate your base and drag it to the top and place it on screen at 70%

10. Add a new layer with the color #0b1f3f and place it on exculusion and then duplicate that and put that on 35%

11. Paste this texture from eggdrpsoup and place it on screen

12. Paste this brush from myrasis, negative image, resize 50% on smart size

13. Add a new layer, using white with a default brush on size 71 in the middle

14. Add a small piece of the pattern from Fuzzystuff, place it at the top and then add a pixel white line right under it.

15. Then add text, I used the font garamond at size 12 and bold, and wrote love in all caps, then cut it in half and added tinytext, size 2 and unbolded in the middle. Place it on overlay.
I made a Textbrush out of it.

Then here we go!

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