only arceus can have a perfect blog (spud14) wrote in icon_tutorial,
only arceus can have a perfect blog

Simplish OC tut in Photoshop. No selective coloring.

From this to this:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

First, open your base, crop 100x100.

Then duplicate three times, set all three to Screen 100%.

Then add a layer on Soft Light, 100%.

Then flood fill #BFD4ED on Color Burn 100%.

Then add a curves layer, like so:

RGB: Input - 88, Output - 134.
Red: Input - 208, Output - 171.
(leave green alone)
Blue: Input - 106, Output 140.

Then use this texture on Overlay 60%. Set the height to 100 on image size.

Then add text, do whatever else you want, and you're done!
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