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JoJo Banner!

how to make this banner:
Free Image Hosting at

made in Photoshop but im sure can be easily translated... i use a gradient map but its not needed. the background is transparent just so ya no...

okay you need these two pictures:
Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

open up a new document... 539 width by 300 height (539x300)

paste these in it, overlapping... blend them together, i got this:

Free Image Hosting at

next go to image>adjustments> brigtness/contrast and turn up the contrast by 20

next set your colors to black on top and white on the bottom, then go to layer>new adjustment layer>gradient map (or just desaturate your picture and turn up the contrast 10)

Free Image Hosting at

next go to layer>flatten image (only if you used a gradient map)

now take this and set it to soft light at 50 percent:

Free Image Hosting at

next go to layer>flatten image

now make a new layer, and choose any color you want... i went with a light blue color (#0096ff)

take a large (i used 118) soft brush and start coloring the bottom part of the banner...

set this layer to color

next go to layer> flatten image...

next make a new document, background transparent, size 549 by 460

go back to your banner copy it, then go to the new background, dont select ANYTHING and just go to edit>paste

i got:

Free Image Hosting at

take this picture (i already cut out the background for ya guys):

Free Image Hosting at

paste it on the side of the new picture.

i got:
Free Image Hosting at

double click on the layer, and check in drop shadow

go to layer>merge down

now download this font, its the exact same as the font used on her new cd. in size 300 i wrote JoJo and added an outerglow (double click on the text layer) with the same blue color as before...

to install this, go to control pannel, appearance and themes, then on the side there is a mini folder that says fonts, click it

now drag the font inside there and voila you have it!

now go to layer>merge down

i then added an unsharpen mask... and you're done! make sure to save it as a .PNG file to keep it transparent!

this is what I got:

Free Image Hosting at

hope you guys like this tut!

show me whatchya made with it!
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