Egyptologist-in-waiting (jsherlock) wrote in icon_tutorial,

I'm new to icon-making.


I just started making icons, and have used some of the tutorials listed here to start me off, but I really need to hone down my skills.

This is an awesome community, and I am glad to have found you.  

Is there a community that exclusively helps beginners with their trouble spots, and can make suggestions to help them fix their problems, since this seems to be a "how-to" rather than "here's all my icons - I need help!" community.

I have posted my 4 icons just to say thank you to those whose tutorials I've used, but I shan't do so again.

   Thanks to figure10point1 for the tutorial

  Thanks to dykons and propaganda_live  (Can't get the link to work, I must have the wrong name written down.) for their tutorials.  (This one is my favorite)

  Thanks for the bases and textures misfitofthejedi  (motjicons)

And just for the heck of it:  my first icon.

  Thanks goes out to dykons for the tutorial.
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