Lamprey Love (lampreybean) wrote in icon_tutorial,
Lamprey Love

go from this to this

This is my first tutorial ever and I'm using photoshop 7, I hope its not too confusing.

1. prepare your base however you like, sharpen etc so it looks how you'd like it to before starting out i started with this:

2. duplicate your base twice, set the first one to screen 80% opacity, desaturate the second one and set to soft light 100%:

3. make a new raster layer, flood fill with #061A2D and set to exclusion 100%:

4. now, duplicate the desaturated soft light layer and drag it to the top:

5. make another new layer and flood fill with #73DDFF set to color burn 100%:

6. yet another raster layer, flood fill with #FFB0ED set to color burn 100%:

7. now go to the shape tool, make sure you have rounded rectangle chosen and that its set to paths and not shapes (see here):

8. right click and choose "make selection", then inverse the selection, make a new layer and fill it with white:

9. lastly, i resized my image, sharpened, and added some text in the font "jane austen", merged my layers, and here is the finished product:
Tags: tutorial: colouring
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