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The thin white line...

Okay, so I made this icon (first time putting a mini-movie in an icon that was on the second layer not the first). I'm pretty pleased with it, cept for that irritating white line round the character.

For some reason when I did a quick test of the icon before I made the proper one, I managed to avoid getting that white line, but I have no idea how I did it. Anyone know? I'm using animationshop and PSP8.

Test icon so you see what I mean.

Seriously, how did I manage to do that?

I thought it might have had something to do with the resize of the icon from 200x200 to 100x100 but when I went into PSP8 and tested it out (by filling the layer under the resized image in black) the white line didn't show, so it was fine.
It must have something to do with being exported in .gif format, but the 200x200 test icon was a .gif too cos it needed to be transparent. So I don't get why the test icon doesn't have a line but the real icon does.

BTW Thanx for all the help on my last entry about the fonts.
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