Kate Arin (khaydarin9) wrote in icon_tutorial,
Kate Arin

Eragon Trailer Tutorial

Go from to in PSP7.

Five steps; no curves/selective colouring/colour balance; basic knowledge of layer blending modes only; translatable, I'm sure.

Your base:

1: Duplicate your base layer and set blending mode to screen, opacity 100%.

2: Duplicate your screened layer three times; you should now have four screen layers in total.

3: Create a new raster layer, flood fill the layer with a linear vertical gradient between #113867 and #E9D69A, and set the layer to Overlay, opacity 100%.
Alternatively, copy and paste this gradient () as a new layer onto your image and set to Overlay, opacity 100%.

4: Create a new raster layer and flood fill with #34999F (. Set the layer to Burn, opacity 30%.

5: Add your text: I used Print Clearly in 24pt for "RIDER" and 2pt for the tiny text.

Eragon HD trailer caps by gallivespian, available here.
This icon was part of a small batch of icons that you can find here.
Feel free to use the final icon, but please credit khaydarin9.
Please do not duplicate the final icon exactly. That's not cool.

Comments/questions/suggestions are welcome. I'd also love to see what you guys come up with.
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