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Tutorial 2

Learn how to make this icon:
Note: Intermediate; Long Tutorial

1. Choose your image. I'm a Zelda fan, so I decided on this image from zeldalegends. Keep in mind that a picture with a white background, or close to it, might work best.
2. Crop your image to 100x100 pixels.
3. Duplicate your image, and set the Blending Mode to Soft Light in the layer's pallet. The opacities will vary, but all of mine were kept at 100%.
4. Duplicate the base image again, and drag it to the top of the Layer's Pallet. Set this layer to Multiply. This was only needed in my case because I had a light image; it might not work with another.
5. In the toolbar, go to Layer+New Adjustment Layer+Hue/Saturation. I heightened the Saturation to +20. Again, another image might need more or less.
6. Merge only the picture layers. If there is a locked background layer, keep it as such.
7. Duplicate the locked background layer, then delete the base. This will unlock the background, which should still be white.
7a. In the toolbar, go to Layer+New Fill Layer+Gradient. Create a gradient using the fore and background colors for your image.
7b. Merge the Gradient Layer and the now unlocked Background Layer in the Layer's Pallet.
7c. Using the Wand tool, delete the white around your image, or any access color. This allows the background to show through.
8. Duplicate the merged picture layer. In the toolbar, go to Edit+Transform+Flip Horizontal.
9. Drag the image so that only a little shows along the bottom of the icon. If need be, adjust the main layer as well.
10. Duplicate the flipped picture layer, and desaturate it (ctrl+shift+u). Set the desaturated layer to Color, 90%.
11. In between the two picture layers, create a rectangle in the color of your choosing. I chose white.
12. I then added the word "Fairy" in a text layer, using Brush Script font pt. 36 set to "Smooth". I used a dark blue color from the fairy's hair. 
13. Right-click the text layer in the Layer's Pallet, and select Blending Options. Then check the Stroke option. Adjust the settings as needed. This creates the white around the large text.
14. Then, using a Times New Roman font in pt. 7 set to "Strong", I added "The Great" in capital letters.
15. Using the Rectangle Marquee tool, select a small portion of your picture. Copy+Merged and Paste.
16. Drag the new layer to the bottom of your icon, and duplicate as needed. This creates the effect at the bottom of the icon.
17. Merge only those layers, and stroke them as before.
18. Using the Rectangle Marquee tool again, in a Fixed Proportion set to 5px, fill a small square in an open space on your icon with a color from the original picture. I used the same dark blue as with the text. 
19. Duplicate the square twice more and drag them to even distances apart. Then set each square to a different opacity: mine were set to 25%, 50%, and 100%.
20. You're finished!

That might have been a confusing tutorial to follow; if you have any questions or need anything clarified, feel free to comment. I also like to see your attempts too. Good luck with the icon making! 8)
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