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Yay, my first tut!

I've never posted a tut before, but I decided to because all the cool kids are doing it, and, to be honest, this way I know that at least I won't forget. So, here we go kids.

Go from to

Made in PSCS. No selective coloring, curves, etc. Just color layers and a saturation layer.

1. So, I started with a cap (by me) from Under the Tuscan Sun, cropped it down to 100x100 and sharpened it.

2. I didn't like how dark it was, so I duplicated the base 3 times and set all 3 layers to Screen - 100%.

3. Doesn't it look better already? Its almost good enough to leave this way, but I don't think so, so I decide to add a dark blue layer and set it to Exclusion - 100%
> >

4. Its not looking too great right now, but just you wait. To take away some of that yellow the exclusion layer added, I duplicated the blue layer and set it to Screen - 100%.
> >

5. Now, this step I originally left out, but went back and did at the end. To avoid confusion, it goes here. I duplicated the dark blue layer again. I set it to Screen - 56%.
> >

6. There's not a lot of difference there, but you can see it, right? Right. Well, to add a little more, I added a light blue layer and set it to Color Burn - 100%.
> >

7. Again, not a whole lot of difference right now, but it makes a difference in the end. Anyway, I decided I wanted one last color layer, so I used a pink color and set it to Color Burn - 100%.
> >

8. Doesn't that look nice? You could stop here if you wanted to, but I thought it didn't quite look done, so I went to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation and put in the following settings:

I only used saturation. DON'T TOUCH HUE OR LIGHTNESS.
Master +30
Reds -20
Yellows -20
Cyans +20
Blues +20



More icons using this technique:

Also, go check out greyslims, a Grey's Anatomy last icon maker standing community. You'll love it if you love icontests and Grey's Anatomy. :D

And there you have it! I would love to see what everyone came up with, so please post! Let me know if I need to clarify anything, I'm happy to help.
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