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file extensions?

Random question, if it's too far off-topic feel free to delete but I didn't know quite where to post it.

I'm using PS CS2, and I could've sworn that before I had to reinstall it, it would add in the file extensions on its own. So, if I changed the file name and didn't leave the extension in the Name box, it would still save as the extension that was selected. It doesn't do that anymore =\ If there's no file extension in the Name box, it saves as a File (not of any type). Not to mention, if I was trying to save something as a PNG, for example, but the original filename still had the .psd (the default), it would save as a psd. Did this always happen and I'm just confusing PS with another program, or is something messed up? If so, any clues on how to fix it?


edit: I just realized the part about saving as a PNG with the psd still in the filename was probably very confusing. What I meant was, if I change the filename in the Name field but still leave the .psd there (with PNG selected as the type of file to save as) it saves the file as a psd instead of a PNG. Hopefully that's a bit clearer.
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