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New tut

Create this:  from this: and this: in Photoshop

1. Prepare the picture of her face. First sharpen once and than with a blur tool smooth her skin, avoid eyes, lips and hair. Then duplicate it twice. The first copy set to screen on 50 opacity and the second one(the one on top of everything) set to soft light on 25 opacity. Flatten image.

2. Do the same with the second pic but this time blur the walls a little and avoid her body.

3. Now get back to a picture of her face. Create a new adjustment layer - gradient map black& white. You could just desature it but it would be darker.

4. Create a new adjustment layer- brightness/contrast :
brightness: 5
contrast: 7
Create another adjustment layer- curves with setting like that:
I: input: 155; output: 166
II: input: 84; output: 81

5. Flatten the face image copy it and past into the body pic. Set it to lighten to see how it's looking together.(Do not flatten image!)

6. Go to edit->Transform->Flip horizontal to flip the top layer(the face pic)

7. Duplicate the lighten face layer and set to color burn opacity: 10 fill: 50

8. Duplicate the base(body image) and set it to top of everything. Leave at normal opacity: 100 and with an eraser delate the part that covers a lighten face, leave only a narrow stripe on the left side of icon where the body is. I used big rounded eraser(100px) and here's what I've got now:

9. Create a new adjustment layer- curves on top of everything
I: input: 153; output: 22
II: input: 198; output: 131

10. Create a new adjustment layer- color balance
midtones: -68, 3, -7
highlights: -10, 7, 9
shadows: 25, 0, 0

11. Flatten image. Duplicate it once and desaturate then still on a desatureted layer go to Filter->Blur->Radial Blur with settings like this:

Then go to Filter->Sharpen->Unsharp mask and set amount on 50% and radius 1,0 now using a soft rounded brush erase the right left corner do it how much you want to I left just a part at the bottom and in the left corner.

12. New adjustment layer- hue/saturation set saturation to 10, then create another adjustment layer- brightness/contrast- brightness:5 contrast: 10

Now you can leave it like this or add some effects like I did, if you decide to make your icon more interesting that keep following this tutorial=]
13. Add texture by lovelamp
and set it to screen

14. Add texture by 77words
and set it to color burn at 40 opacity

15. You can add some text if you want. I've made a narrow stripe at the bottom of my icon filled it with dark grey(#898989) and set to color burn 100 opacity, then I've added my text (loneliness.) And that's my final result:

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